Who is STonewax?


Music Producer / MIXING EngineeR / ARTIST

"If i'm not bending guitar strings, smacking drum tubs, or diving deep into the world of sound... I'm behind the studio glass... in the search of something new, something different, and something that excites the airwaves." 

"I've been blessed with opportunities! From live album psych, folk and rock, inspired by that of the 60s & 70s through to now (Endless Valley, Dear Doonan, Swimsuit Issue, Demi Casha, and Flooded Gum)... to Pop, Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop and Indie (Katie Noonan, Ziggy Alberts, Kim Churchill, Matt Smith (Thirsty Merc), Dorah Jacson, JaZZella, Chris Ah Gee, The Dawn Light, Black Salt, & Aspy Jones)... and have been in close-collabortation to some of the finest session artists and Producers in Australia (Jackie Barnes, Mark Peric, Darren Muller, OJ Newcomb, & Paulie Bromley). 

If you're an artist or label, and want to make great music... then get in touch! -- Steve Summers (Producer/Engineer)

Now working at Yama-Nui Recording Studio.

visit  www.yama-nui.com