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From live recordings, to full scale song production, I can help your music sound superior without breaking the bank. Perfect for independent artists and recording labels. 

I can take raw tracks you've recorded at any studio and turn them into professional, polished recordings.

It is in my best interest to see your music succeed to its full potential. If you work with me, I will guide you from the pre-production process of your music, all the way to its release, including free client development services. 



"This is perhaps the only way Dear Doonan’s latest album could be described. But it is with absolute delight that we are taken through this surf-psych abyss -- These days, with such an oversaturated music market, it’s rare to hear an album so interesting and enjoyable from beginning to end. Clearly there’s something in the air in the Sunshine Coast, as these chill shredders prove that it is, in fact, possible to create a debut record packed from cover to cover with hits." 

Bill Robinson / Sub-Editor / Happy Mag Tv

"The piece conveys an unambiguous sense of purpose and superb facility in melodic and harmonic construction. Steve's timbral choices and musical texture are sophisticated and imaginative and the musical structure is highly effective and well proportioned. Steve demonstrates a high level of musical sensitivity and understanding of rhythm, texture and genre." 

James McEwan / Sound Engineer / SAE Lecturer

"Sound can determine the difference between an emotional connection to content, or the absence of ones attention. We went to Steve to help us create an emotive piece of audio to accompany our brands animations. What Steve created lifted our story to another level. It engaged viewers through the highs and the lows. Our customers needed to be taken there, and have them tapping their feet to no end. There's always going to be music of the shelf, but from our experience with Steve, its never going to compare and engage like a piece of custom designed audio." 

Adam Harriden / Creative Director / Gone To Sea & GoodSurfWax

"Stevie Summers aka Stonewax is a producer like no other. I've had the pleasure of working with Stevie on numerous occasions now. Whether it be collaborating face-to-face, or between different cities, the man always delivers. His love, passion, and dedication for music rubs off on you, and his work ethic is second to none. He really drives you to get the very best out of yourself... every single time." 

Jake Moggy Hardy, aka WIZDOM / Rapper

"Steve’s input was a massive help in getting my very first single underway. I have been worried about recording for years, and put a lot of trust in him to help me make it happen, and I’m glad I did! He was very understanding of how I wanted the song to turn out, and aided in guiding it towards being exactly how I wanted it to sound. He provided some very insightful and useful tips/knowledge in the pre-production, recording sessions, and throughout the rest of the recording process. On top of that, he’s pleasure work with and an all round legend of a guy!" 

Kayla Smart aka Dorah Jacson / Singer-Songwriter

"If you are keen on recording your music and putting it out there, I highly recommend Stonewax
Productions. Stonewax Productions is currently affiliated with Yama-Nui Recording Studio on the
Sunshine Coast. If you want the best possible start, a passionate and professional production team, quality equipment
and facilities, then Steve and Yama-Nui is who you need. Once you
find that space that works for you, you don’t look anywhere else. I found my space with Stonewax and Yama-Nui."

Luke Anthony / Singer-Songwriter



For any general questions, partnership inquiries, or if you’d like to work together on a project, please fill out the form below, and i'll be touch shortly. 

Now working out of Yama-Nui Recording Studio. To check out the studio, visit

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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